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Industrial equipment "lifeblood" of the protection of God
Date:2008-10-15 Hits:5080
Today, cruise sightseeing is a very enjoyable thing. When you watch the scenery in the bow cozy, have you ever thought of the rigorous test of the various components of the sea equipment? Sea equipment, must rely on a strong and reliable power supply to achieve, like "lifeblood". And in the sea carrying power connection, it is in the device outside the connector.
Take the sea wind power, the steam on the sea is often doping salt, offshore fan facilities will have a wide range of areas exposed to salt spray environment, rich in salt ions in the role of salt, a lot of "reinforced iron" Materials are also subject to salt spray this "scraping knife" invisible corrosion. Coupled with the external years and years by the wind and rain erosion, the sun exposure test, wave fluctuations will lead to equipment vibration, for industrial connection equipment is extremely harsh challenges. And away from the land of the sea project once put into operation, equipment almost all 365 days by 24 hours without interruption to withstand such a test.
With the construction of China's "21st Century Maritime Silk Road", the geographical coverage of offshore equipment will continue to expand, which will face a more diverse and harsh environment. Once the connector fails, resulting in power supply disruption, it will bring serious consequences, for the responsibility of major marine equipment, such a failure is unbearable.
In fact, in addition to offshore equipment, there are a large number of long-term exposure to a variety of harsh environments in the industrial equipment need to face sand, flooding, salt spray, vibration, electromagnetic interference brought about by the test. To this end, TE launched the connector Legion in the "special forces" - upgraded version of the heavy-duty connector (HDC).
Heavy-duty connectors, also known as heavy-duty sockets, are widely used for data, signals or electrical connections between different devices or functional units, up to 350 amps of current, providing great convenience for the installation and maintenance of complex control equipment The In this respect, the HDC heavy-duty connector can also be a "protective god" that is electrically connected to the device by virtue of its waterproof and corrosion-resistant properties.
Why is this upgraded version of the heavy-duty connector to play such a "task" it?
The original, the mystery lies in the special structure used to reload the connector. This upgraded version of the heavy-duty connector contains three important components: ferrule, needle and shell. The ferrule and the needle are made of an electrical module that is electrically connected to the device; and the outermost shell, its role is designed to withstand a variety of ruthless environmental tests.
In order to make this layer "protective shell" strong enough, in the shell of the manufacturing materials on the use of metal or thermoplastic materials, its structure is also very strong, able to provide reliable mechanical and environmental protection. The metal shell in addition to training to withstand external forces and vibration of the "Admiralty", there is a waterproof anti-corrosion "iron cloth", the protection level reached the highest IP68 and IP69K. With this multiple features, it is guaranteed that the HDC heavy-duty connector can help the equipment to ensure stable and reliable power connection needs in a harsh environment.
Now, heavy-duty connectors in many other industrial environments can also show their skills, escalators, electric locomotives, large machinery and equipment factory, low pressure, medium voltage and high voltage switchgear and other equipment are ultimately its shadow.
可喜的是,現在這員連接器領域的“保護神”已經生根中國。2014年,連接器和傳感解決方案領導廠商TE Connectivity收購西霸士并于近期在中國廈門成立全新重載連接器產品卓越中心,面向中國市場首次發布本地升級版重載連接器。其升級版產品將在服務、定制和品質方面做進一步優化,對于本地化來說也意義非凡。
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