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High temperature vulcanization (HTV) composite hollow insulator for high pressure and ultra high pressure applications
Date:2008-10-15 Hits:4976
With the increasing distance between power generation facilities and users, power delivery faces more challenges. Long-distance, high-load power transmission usually means the need to pass through some dangerous areas, so that equipment exposed to extremely harsh environments, thus affecting system stability, increase costs, and even lead to system failure.
The well-formed hollow insulator products can greatly help ensure the stability of the power system. As a leading provider of connectivity and sensing solutions, TE Connectivity products are widely used in the field of energy and power, and the Axicom hollow insulators offer a wide range of mechanical, electrical, chemical and environmental features such as "crimp" flanges, High-quality high-temperature vulcanization (HTV) silicone rubber materials, and can save a lot of raw materials, mature flange design, widely used in GIS casing, transformer casing, arrester, power column pillar insulators, open circuit breakers, tank circuit breakers and high voltage terminals The
Power systems and products need to be able to withstand extreme temperatures (such as Russia minus 60 degrees Celsius, the Middle East Desert at minus 60 degrees Celsius), able to withstand strong winds, dust environment, serious pollution of the environment, in the earthquake-active areas and large temperature areas Run as usual. Axicom is designed for harsh environments, no matter what kind of environment, are outstanding, adapt to change, no fear of extreme conditions.
High altitude and low temperature areas
Exposure to low temperatures and large temperature differences in the environment, the composite hollow insulator will bring greater mechanical stress. So the seal integrity between the interface is particularly important, to design and performance verification test put forward higher requirements. Axicom uses a "crimp method" and an interference fit technology in flange sealing technology to provide powerful, stable, zero-off sealing performance. At the same time, Cevosil HTV material through the BSEN60068-2-1 performance test, can withstand as low as minus 65 degrees Celsius temperature. Sturdy design, high quality materials and controlled production processes bring long-lasting stability without fear of high altitude and low temperature.
High pollution occasions
Highly contaminated areas may cause flashover effects, but increasing the length of the insulator will result in degradation of the insulation properties, thereby increasing the size, weight and cost of the insulator. Axicom insulators feature advanced design, light weight, and high performance, resulting in a smaller, more compact solution for a given application. By leveraging this advantage, system designers can not only save the cost of insulators, but also save the cost of non-critical support areas of the structure. In addition, the silicone rubber insulator with no need to clean and high hydrophobicity characteristics, more suitable for high pollution applications.
Stormy sandy environment
In a strong wind environment, especially in the environment of mixed air particulates, the outer surface of the insulator may be damaged and its performance deteriorated. Axicom uses Cevosil HTV silicone rubber, can maintain a strong performance in the long-term wind and sand environment. And has recently approved the use of Cevosil HTV silicone rubber products used in high-speed trains, easily against the wind speed of 200 km per hour or more.
In high altitude, low temperature and polluted environment, because of the difficult conditions for the composite HCI has brought a severe test. The quality of the product is critical because it is important to keep the product running for long-term and reliable life. For decades, TE Connectivity has installed more than 260,000 products worldwide and is effectively tested in a harsh environment.
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