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The company is a net profit, how to achieve cash
Date:2009-12-17 Hits:4302
Stay is profit - just looking for the way, determined
For many reasons, almost all of the companies are more or less accumulated a certain amount of dull. The cause of the loss caused by the majority of the market factors. The market can not be 100% controllable, the deviation made a dull, mantissa. This is especially true for imported connectors with longer lead times.
The dangers of dying are as follows:
    The first profit is directly reduced profits, for example, a single business 100 million, net profit of 10 million, 10% profit margins, after the end of the project has 10 million dull, then your profit is only zero, there are 50,000 stay Material profit becomes 5%. There is also a feature that he is concealed, you can not be reflected from the financial statements which is a direct reduction in profit margins, because the existence of the company's inventory of property, is an asset interest, and profit calculation unchanged , Or 10%. Looks like all happy, in fact, as if the hair is like gold in the desert, you can not live out, he is rubbish, a useless. So, that is a profit for the profits! Business managers in the active pursuit of expanding business, increase profits, rarely take into account the immediate loss of immediate profits.
    Second, the dull take up the company's funds, take up warehouse resources. Like tasteless, leaving useless, abandoned the pity.
There are several ways to deal with the material.
  First, most of the company, to retain these tasteless, let him like a cancer like the company's various resources, can not be determined to deal with him, always hope that one day he can have the opportunity to re-use. Until the product has passed the shelf life and treated as waste. Loss caused by unknowingly.
  Second, part of the company, pay more attention to timely processing, a year or a quarter for a stage, the stage of the centralized treatment, most of the discount treatment rate, or 7 fold or 5 fold or 3 fold. Due to the principle of packaging requirements, do not want to spread in batches, and finally basically nobody cares, the results and the first point is not much difference.
  Third, a small number of companies, different materials, designated by the person responsible for the material, commissioned by the professional company, can also be packaged to disperse one by one model. Due to the timely and continuous processing strategy, the company can maintain a good inventory environment. Due to be able to basically maintain the original price to deal with dull, profits can be guaranteed.
  How to deal with dumpling, not just how to avoid the preparation of materials (which will lead to decreased competitiveness), the key lies in a way to deal with the way the company and the determination.
  Dongguan City Line Electronics Co., Ltd. imported connectors and wire of the spot company, sales of imported connector spot at the same time, to help customers deal with JST / MOLEX / AMP ... .. and other material inventory, surplus inventory. Standing in your position, a variety of ways, flexible methods, professional spirit, can help customers solve worries.
  1, direct acquisition
  2, free Internet promotion distribution, batch processing, the basic maintenance of the original customer price
  3, the agreement on behalf of the sale. Help return to Hong Kong, free escrow, when the customer re-need, free shipping returns.
  Line to maintain the electronic components to maintain the benign environment of electronic components as a reasonable spot price as a principle. Can be used as import connectors and wire products customers purchase channels of the second choice to help customers get every order. Let the world is not difficult Adjust the connector.
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